Easily manipulate & dissect your samples or extract smallest particles for further examination while monitoring your action on your connected PC or Android tablet.


This new SamplePrep Stylus is an excellent solution for anyone who is engaged in specimen manipulation and handling of delicate components, fibers or any other microscopic tasks calling for precision work.

The EZ-Pick III has the form of a pen with a mounting device to attach sampling probes like needles, tweezers or knives at the front end. The head of the stylus includes a specially designed optical focusing lens which focuses on the tip of the sample probe and that can change magnification.

Your sample prep operations are captured by an ultra mini high performance CCD camera and are transferred to your computer or Android tablet for optimal visualization.

According to your specific application you can attach the appropriate type of sample probe onto the body of the stylus.

  • Ergonomic Stylus design
  • Exchangeable sample prep probes
  • Ultra mini high performance CCD
  • Connects to your PC or Android tablet
  • Easy to use at any location & easy on-site sample taking and manipulating

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