We offer a fine selection of highly functional and sophisticated accessories for your daily sample prep challenges.

Our sample prep tools are developed and manufactured in Japan. They meet the specific requirements of efficient and reliable sample preparation in the analytical lab and support you with your specific sample prep applications.


Unique table top cutter for quick & precise routine cutting of thin samples such as films, papers, fibers, etc.

Micro Vice

Multi functional sample holder for FTIR- and Raman microscopes, stereoscopes & microscopes.

Micro Vice Clamps

Various clamps can be used with the MicroVice Sample Holder to support you holding & handling your samples.

Micro Vice SliceIR

Easily hold your films for cross sectioning and the analyze them with your FTIR- and Raman-Microscope.

Diamond EX-Press Compression Cell

This is the ultimate Compression Cell for FTIR Transmission Analysis.

Mini Plane

Patented sampling knife for cleanest, most uniform, thin surface cuts by hand

Micro TouchPick Pen

Picking up and handling smallest samples made easy for everybody!

Diamond Pen Cutter

Sharpest sampling knives with diamond blades for precisely cutting and scraping samples.

KBr Table Press

Compact KBr Table Press to quickly press clearest KBr Pellets.

Sample Holders

A fine selection of multi-purpose sample holders for FTIR spectroscopy.

Microscope Slides

Sleek and functional microscope slides for your applications in the analytical lab.

Raman SERS Substrates

Gold Nanorod Array Chips & Slides for Raman signal enhancement and ultrasensitive Raman measurements.