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Compact & easy-to-use spectroscopy software

to support you with your daily work.

Based on decades of optical spectroscopy experience, SpectraGenius was developed to provide a straightforward, uncomplicated tool for spectra viewing, basic processing and spectra search.


The free Spectra Genius demo includes a

free ATR-FTIR and Raman Spectra Database

Quick Start Guide for SpectraGenius

3 Easy Steps to Perform a Spectra Search with SpectraGenius
Please read this short guide for an easy start to work with SpectraGenius.
SG Quick Start Guide Demo Version v1.3.p
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Download SpectraGenius

SpectraGenius Demo Version
Please download the Installation Files for your free 30-days demo version of SpectraGenius.
SpectraGenius Demo Installation_new.zip
Compressed Archive in ZIP Format 77.2 MB

Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions for STJE SpectraGenius Software
Please download & read the instructions for installing the SpectraGenius software before downloading & installing SpectraGenius.
Installation Instructions for STJE Spect
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To start the installation routine please run the following installation file:

You will be guided through a quick & easy installation process.


The installation includes 3 steps:

1. Installation of SpectraGenius

2. Installation of the the ATR-FTIR Spectra Demo Database

3. Installation of the Raman Spectra Demo Database


After the Setup is completed the Spectra Genius Icon will appear on your desktop. Please double-click the SpectraGenius Icon to start the software. The trial version will expire in 30-days after installation.


We thank you very much for your interest - Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Smart & Reliable Search and Identification of Spectra

Intuitive Preview Mode

SpectraGenius can read spectra from over 60 file types.


The intuitive preview mode lets you see beforehand what you are loading!

Interactive Data Visualization

Enjoy smart interactive data visualization tools with various display modes:

  • Expand
  • Auto-Scale
  • Roll & Zoom-in
  • Overlay, Stack
  • Superimpose
  • Single Spectrum
  • ...

Fast & Powerful Data Manipulation Tools

SpectraGenius features fast, interactive data manipulations on single or multiple spectra at once. You can see your results immediately while changing parameters.

Infinite-level Undo lets you back out of any manipulations.

Sophisticated Browse & Search Functionality

Browse and search spectra databases for text, peaks, or full spectra using

  • Correlation Coefficient
  • Euclidean Distance
  • Absolute or Squared Difference algorithms.

Supported database formats: Galactic/Grams/SpectralID (.isl, .itl, .idx), Thermo Omnic (.lbt, .lbd, .lbp), Perkin Elmer (.dlg, .slb)

Easy Report Generation

Easily generate reports in PDF, ASCII, DOC, HTML or XLS based on customizable templates.