*( [ka.ta.na], jap. 刀 , engl. „sword“)

The ultimate tool for precision cutting & scraping

Upgrade your cutting game with the KATANA and experience the cleanest and most accurate cuts possible, with minimal effort & maximum precision.


Featuring natural Diamond type Ia blades, our KATANAs are designed to provide unparalleled sharpness, enabling you to perform clean cuts with ease and minimal pressure without tearing your samples.

Blade material: Natural Diamond Type Ia:

► Extreme durable cutting edge for precise cuts

Two types of ultra sharp diamond blades:
► Flat blade and angled (45°) blade

  • Extraordinary sharpness and wear resistance for cleanest & controlled cuts

  • Illuminated tip for added precision

  • Unique pen design with retractable blade makes the KATANA easy to use and safe to take along in your pocket.

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