NIR Spectra Databases

The near infrared spectral library „IS NIR Spectra“ (Intergrating Sphere) is a unique collection with over 6.000 NIR spectra of chemical compounds. It is the biggest and newest NIR library available on the market.


This spectral library has been designed for users who use their NIR spectrometer not only for quantitative and chemometric analysis, but also want to identify unknown samples or just want to use the library as reference spectra database.

  • The library spectra were collected using a FT-NIR Spectrometer equipped with Integrating Sphere Accessory
  • Spectral range in wavenumbers units: 4200 cm-1 - 10000 cm-1
  • Spectral range in wavelength units: 2.4 – 1 micrometers
  • Standard resolution: 4 cm-1 in the spectral range
  • Customized resolution: Upon special request the spectra can be delivered in customized resolution for better correspondence with the spectra you have measured on your NIR instrument
  • Typical information about the sample contains compound name including synonyms, CAS number, chemical formula, molecular weight and additional information about the sample such as manufacturer and comments
  • Only one compound/spectrum covering the spectral range

Name & Description P/N

IS NIR Database - Complete Collection


This collection includes all 6.049 NIR spectra measured within this project. This includes organic and inorganic chemicals, pharmaceutical excipients, drugs, polymers, additives, coatings, dyes, pigments, toxic substances, hazardous substances such as explosives, agrochemicals and other types of materials.
This collection should be chosen by customers with broad range of analytical applications.


IS NIR - Starter Database

1.043 NIR spectra of a selection of common organic and inorganic chemicals, common pharmaceutical related substances and common polymers. It has been designed for beginners in the field of NIR spectroscopy.  

IS NIR - Pharma Database


This NIR sublibrary with 1.340 spectra has been designed for QC or R&D laboratories of the pharmaceutical industry, for laboratories studying drugs and forensic laboratories. It includes NIR spectra of pharmaceutical excipients, drugs or active substances and other supporting chemicals used in pharma industry.


IS NIR - Polymer Database


1.740 NIR spectra for the polymer industry and research, recycling industry, packing material industry, coatings industry and other laboratories who use their NIR spectrometer for studying of polymers, polymer additives and other polymer related materials.

IS NIR - Hazardous Database L70185
1.718 NIR spectra of selected hazardous and toxic substances. It also includes spectra of agrochemicals and explosives. It can be used in forensic and environmental laboratories and anywhere where NIR is used as „first responder“.
IS NIR - Dyes & Pigments Database L70186
1.005 NIR spectra of dyes, pigments and related compounds.