Mini Plane Sampling Knife

The patented Mini Plane Sampling Knife is designed to easily section hard & soft, non embedded biological & industrial materials into thin samples for micro analysis.

With the Mini Plane you can shave thin layers off the surface of industrial and biological materials. The cut layers will always have a consistent and uniform thickness optimized for measurement.

The Mini Plane with the Carbide Steel Blade is best for peeling off thin sections from most polymers, tissue samples and coated materials.

The Single-Crystal Diamond Blade version is ideal for cutting hard polymers, inorganic materials and coatings from metallic surfaces.

  • Adjustable blade depth & cutting angle
  • Excellent control & reproducibility of sample thickness
  • Precise depth control
  • Reduced mechanical damage to specimen
  • Allows you to produce sections of various thickness with the same knife
  • Easy to clean

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