Sample Holders

We offer a fine selection of multi-purpose sample holders for FTIR spectroscopy.

Universal Holder

This is a versatile all-round sample holder for transmission analysis.


You can use it for films, pellets, windows, mulls, etc in sample sizes from 13 up to 40 mm diameter and 13 mm thickness.

  • The 10 mm aperture is removable and can be unscrewed to provide a 22 mm aperture
  • A thumbscrew provides adjustable pressure on the clip
  • Standard sized back plate fits all spectrometers

EZ-Clamp Holder

Multi functional sample holder for pellets, fibers, films and filters for Transmission & ATR-FTIR measurements.


The EZ-Clamp Holder combines two aperture sizes (8 mm and 20 mm) and an additional insert for clamping taut films and filters in one holder.

  • Use it for ATR-FTIR measurements with your
    FTIR  microscope
  • Use it for transmission measurements with your
    FTIR spectrometer
  •  Standard sized back plate fits all spectrometers

The following video is showing the use of our EZ-Clip holder with the LUMOS II FT-IR Imaging Microscope:


Courtesy of Bruker Optics


Quick Holder

Sample holder designed to hold collars for 1, 3, 7, and 13mm Kbr pellets.

  • Easy positioning of the sample collar on a removable mount with a half moon cut-out
  • Magnetic back plate holds the sample in place
  • An opening at the top end of the holder is used for
    13 mm pellets
  • Standard sized back plate  fits all spectrometers

Combines perfectly with our Kbr-Table press!



Sample holder for liquid samples, cuvettes and pellets.

  • Base and positioning mount can be slid up & down in order to position the sample correctly according to its specific size and form
  • Can be used for IR, UV, NIR and Raman
  • Standard sized back plate fits all spectrometers


Basic and easy-to-use sample holders to effortlessly hold windows, pellets and films in place for measurement.

  • Spring loaded clip holds samples firmly in place
  • EZ-Clip 20mm is best for holding windows & films
  • EZ-Clip 10mm is best for holding pellets
  • Standard sized back plate fits all spectrometers