Microscope Slides

Sleek and functional microscope slides for your applications. All slides are standard sized 1” x 3”.

Diamond Windwos

The Diamond Windows are an ideal tool for your microscope measurements and cover wide spectral range from UV to FTIR.


Highest Quality Synthetic Diamonds Type II a:

  • Excellent optical and mechanical properties
  • No diamond impurities interfere with sample measurements
  • Best throughput
  • No solvent washing necessary
  • Two sizes available: 2.5 mm and 3.5 mm

LC-IR Holder

This LC-IR Sample Holder offers you perfect conditions for micro-reflection spectroscopy of multiple samples on the same slide

  • Ideal for reflection-absorption measurements and grazing angle measurements
  • Standard sized 1” x 3” golden plate with 14 sample wells
  • 7 x  4.0 mm diameter wells
  • 7 x  2.5 mm diameter wells

EZ-Slide Aluminium

1” x 3” sized Aluminum sampling slide with three holes each featuring two notches


The tips of tweezers fit perfectly in the notches, so that windows, mirrors, etc. can easily be placed in or taken out.

  • 2 holes (diameter of 13 mm) with 1.6 mm depth for windows or mirrors of 2mm thickness
  • 1 hole (diameter of 13 mm) with 0.6 mm depth for windows or mirrors of 1mm thickness
  • Silver mirror optionally available