Micro Vice SliceIR

Cutting & analyzing films, paper, multilayers can be sometimes very challenging.  We have developed this tool to help you perform this challenging task with ease!


The sample holder Micro Vice with the new SliceIR clamps helps you to hold even the thinnest films with ease. You can firmly hold your films in either a 90°, 30° or 15° degree angle and then easily slice off cross sections with a razor blade.

Holding the sample in 15°/30° will provide you a two/four times larger cutting surface optimized for the further analysis with the FTIR- or Raman microscope.

Additionally you can exchange the SliceIR clamps of the sample holder with:

  • Two clamping plates to hold taut films, fibers, yarns, etc. and stretch them.
  • Two standard clamps to hold round and unevenly shaped samples such as tablets, minerals, etc. under compression in the desired position
  • All fixed samples can be tilted up to a certain angle for correcting oblique sample orientation
  • Fits on the stages of all FTIR and Raman microscopes

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