Diamond EX-Press

With this Diamond Compression Cell you can easily flatten and thin materials to an ideal thickness for transmission analysis.


This is an excellent tool for analyzing hard materials such as minerals, rubbers, plastics, polymers and also pharmaceuticals. They can be compressed, crushed and flattened to a uniform thickness for IR measurements.

The sample is simply compressed between the diamond windows by turning thumb screws until the sample is thin enough for the beam of the spectrometer to penetrate.

  • Large clear aperture (1.6 mm or 2.0 mm)
  • Two type IIa single crystal synthetic diamonds
  • Minimal interfering absorption bands
  • Maximum throughput to the detector without detection saturation
  • Universal use with FTIR-Spectrometers & FTIR – Microscopes
  • Standard 2”x3” back plate fits all spectrometers
  • Easy to assemble and clean 

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